After Jehanabad in Bihar, now Arwal and Sheikhpura will become districts with 100 percent digital transactions, there will be many benefits


Patna. Digital transactions are continuously increasing in the country. Along with the cities, now the people of the villages are also taking interest in digital transactions. Jehanabad has become the first district of Bihar with 100% digital banking. Now it is the turn of Arwal and Sheikhpura. About 88.31 per cent of the savings bank accounts in Arwal and 92.84 per cent of the customers in Sheikhpura have been provided with the digital platform for transactions and are using it.

5.99 lakh account holders in Arwal and 4.94 lakh in Sheikhpura are doing digital transactions

Out of total 6.78 lakh active savings account holders in Arwal district, 5.99 lakh account holders are using at least one digital tool. At the same time, out of 6980 current account holders, 4397 account holders i.e. 62.99 percent are doing digital transactions, whereas in Sheikhpura out of 5.32 lakh savings account holders, 4.94 lakh i.e. 92.84 percent customers have at least one digital banking product i.e. Internet Banking, Debit Card, Mobile Banking, UPI and many more are there.

Central Government and Reserve Bank selected one district from each state

In fact, the Central Government and the Reserve Bank had decided in 2019 to make at least one district in each state of the country a district with 100% digital banking service. In Bihar, Jehanabad district was selected under this and the State Level Bankers Committee worked with all the stakeholders to make a strategy and declared Jehanabad as a digital banking district. After that Arwal and Sheikhpura were selected.

Connectivity with roads in Patna Outer has improved, by dividing zone wise the surrounding areas will be developed

Many types of discounts from digital banking

The best thing about digital payment system in financial transactions is that you do not need to carry cash. There is a 0.75 percent discount on buying petrol with the card, many discounts like rail tickets, toll on the highway and buying insurance.



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