Not wearing a helmet in Patna cost the youth dearly, online challan was issued twice in two hours


Modern technology based automatic e-challan is being used to issue challans against traffic rule violators in Patna Smart City. But due to the problems coming in this system, people are getting upset everyday. Now a similar case has come to the fore with Vikas Kumar Singh, a resident of Lohanipur of Kadamkuan police station.

Due to not having a helmet, the challan was cut twice in two hours.

Electric challan of Vikas Singh’s car was cut twice in two hours. He was without a helmet and had reached Bhattacharya Road on June 27 from his house in Lohanipur for some work. During this, he came under the surveillance of the camera installed at Bhattacharya Road turn and for not wearing a helmet, he was challaned at 9.50 am for Rs. After this, after completing the work, he started going back towards his house via Bhattacharya Road, then again he came under the camera and he was again challaned at 11:44 am.

How correct is it to challan twice in two hours for the same mistake?

Vikas Kumar Singh has raised the question that he was without a helmet and he has been challaned, he has no problem with it. But why was the challan deducted again in just two hours? How correct is it to issue two challans for the same mistake in such a short span of time?

Online challan was deducted in Patna and Rohtas, know the whole thing(youtube


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