Surat: People risking their lives to take selfies on the causeway that is overflowing!


Surat Municipal Corporation closed the causeway for traffic as the water level of Tapi river increased. The overflow causeway is closed for vehicular traffic due to rise in water level since last few days. In the absence of police arrangements, people have got a free hand. As if it has become a haven for fun, people are taking selfies on the Causeway risking their lives. In the video, people are seen taking such selfies in the middle of the causeway. Earlier, after such videos surfaced, the Rander police had talked about patrolling, but it is proving to be hollow.

Complete ban on vehicular traffic on the Causeway

As soon as Surat’s Causeway overflows, the Municipal Corporation has decided to close it for the last few days. Due to water logging of more than 6 meters, the surface of the road has been closed, therefore this road has been closed for vehicular traffic. Because driving on an overflowed causeway can prove to be dangerous.

Corporation needs to show seriousness

Seeing the videos that have come out now, it is clearly known that how much risk people are taking. People should also understand that if the water level of Tapi river rises suddenly, they may get trapped or get swept away in the river. Such discussion has spread among the urban people. But at the same time it is also necessary for the corporation to take this matter seriously.

A few days ago also the weir cum causeway had overflowed. Only then some people reached there with small children and the youth were also seen taking selfies. Waking up the administration on this matter, the Rander police started an effort to stop the people going on the causeway. Told them that till the time the Causeway remains closed, they will patrol here. But due to the inaction of the Rander police, even today such people do not miss out on the Causeway risking their lives to have fun.


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