Devotees thronged the pagodas of Gorakhpur since morning, Nath Nagri echoed with the chants of Har Har Mahadev


Shiva devotees standing in queue to perform JalabhishekGorakhpur. Today is the first Monday of the month of Sawan. Chants of Har Har Mahadev, Om Namah Shivay are echoing in the pagodas of Gorakhpur since the morning of Monday. Crowds of devotees are being seen in Shiva temples since morning.

Shiva devotees offering water

By offering water, milk, hemp, dhatura, belpatra, akshat, sandalwood etc. on the Shivling, the devotees are offering prayers to Lord Bhole Shankar and wishing for the desired fruit. At the same time, devotees are also saying their wishes in the ear of Nandi located near Shivling.

Crowd of devotees in pagoda

On the other hand, on Monday, people are doing Rudrabhishek at pagodas and houses. The month of Sawan has started from Wednesday last week. According to religious beliefs, there is special importance of worshiping Lord Shiva in this month. In the month of Sawan, people worship Shivling to please Lord Shiva.

Shiva devotees worshiping

He fulfills all the wishes of the devotees even from God. To perform Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva, a large number of people go to the places of gods located in other states. There is a long queue of devotees in the Mukteshwar Nath temple located in the Rajghat area of ​​Gorakhpur city since morning. Devotees are chanting Har Har Mahadev, Om Namah Shivay.

Shiva devotees performing Jalabhishek

The crowd of Shiva devotees in the temple was such that the order of worship of the devotees continued till afternoon. Devotees also performed Shivpath along with Jalabhishek. Women, men, children, elders were all waiting for their turn to perform Jalabhishek in the pagoda. The district administration has made arrangements for cleanliness and security keeping in view the Monday of Sawan.

Shops decorated with worship material

The Municipal Corporation team was engaged in cleaning near the Shivalaya since morning. On the other hand, in view of the crowd, a large amount of force has been deployed by the administration. The process of devotees coming to the temples will continue till evening. A similar scene was seen in all the temples including Jharkhandi Temple, Manjeshwar Nath Temple of Gorakhpur. Seeing the Monday of Sawan, the shopkeepers had also set up their shops since morning. Outside the temple, shops of flower garlands, belpatra, bhang, dhatura, milk, roli, Akshat were decorated.

Report- Kumar Pradeep, Gorakhpur


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