BJP workers demonstrated in a unique way in front of the DM’s office against vote loot, murder across the state


Birbhum, Mukesh Tiwari: BJP workers staged a half-naked protest outside the Birbhum Siuri DM office against Trinamool’s vote looting, murder and creating an atmosphere of terror across the state including Birbhum district of West Bengal. Protest was expressed by burning tires on the road in front of the same DM office. BJP workers and district leaders earlier took out a huge protest march. Birbhum District BJP President Dhruv Saha says that the Election Commission and Mamata government have turned the festival of democracy into Jungle Raj by creating an atmosphere of vote loot, murder and terror across the state.

opposing re-election

The way terror was spread here in Mayna Dal village of Dubrajpur in Birbhum district after seeing Trinamool’s defeat in the panchayat elections. The administration is conducting re-polling here. Men and women supporting BJP have been chased away from the entire village. Police has filed a case against about one hundred BJP-backed men and women by making false allegations. In the name of elections, Trinamool along with police and administration is conspiring against BJP. We strongly oppose the re-election in Myna Dal village. Mr. Saha said that the police and administration are helping Trinamool candidates to win by conducting re-elections where Trinamool Congress candidates were losing. we don’t believe this re poll

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Tire burnt on the road in front of DM office

We will go to the Women’s Commission and the SC Commission and complain by mentioning this incident. During this, Dhruv Saha said that today we have given an example of a small fire by burning tires on the road. If the police administration does not stop working and conspiring at the behest of Trinamool, then we will be bound for a fierce agitation across the state. Due to the incident of Myna Dal, we have been compelled to protest today. Mr. Saha said that today we are helpless and being forced, our workers are trying to show in front of the police and administration office that the condition of the entire West Bengal government has become like this today.

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