Shravani Mela 2023: Kanwariyas of Surat reach Babadham chanting one and a half lakh mantras, perform Rudrabhishek daily


Shravani Mela 2023: Such a group of Kanwariyas who chant one and a half lakh mantras while walking from home to Babadham. The Kanwariyas of Shri Ashutosh Kanwariya Sangh Surat, Gujarat told that they perform Rudrabhishek for four and a half hours every morning and evening. One and a half lakh mantras are chanted till Babadham. The batch left for Babadham from Sultanganj on Thursday. All the Kanwariyas chanted Shiva Mantra in the rest room located in Maharishi of Marwari Yuva Manch. Sangh’s director Ashok Biyani Brahmachari said that this group of Kanwariyas has been coming continuously for 44 years. The Jatha Sangh of Kanwariyas grows every time. In this journey of 10 days, Kanwarias start chanting the mantra from Surat and by the time they reach Babadham, they chant one and a half lakh mantras.

No female Kanwariya lives in the Sangh

There is no female member in this association of Kanwariyas. Women are not brought because of the difficult practice involved in the journey. There are many big businessmen in the Sangh, but in this journey, everyone walks according to the rules. Director Ashok Brahmachari and President Kailash Gadodiya said that they will demand from PM Narendra Modi to bring grandeur to Shravani Mela and conduct the fair in a good way. Baba fulfills everyone’s wishes. There should be complete development of India with Bihar. Many members like Sunil Ramuka, Pradeep Ramuka, Rajesh Ramuka, Vinod Murarka, Manoj Jaduka, Vipin Ramuka etc. were present in the yatra.

lift started in sawan

The lift was made operational in the rest room of Marwari Yuva Manch’s Maharishi. It was told that the work of installing lift for the convenience of Kanwariya was going on for the last two months. The lift has been made operational on Thursday.

Shravani Mela 2023: More than 30000 Kanwariyas raised water on the third day of Sawan, left for Babadham(youtube


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