Shravani Mela 2023: On the third day of Sawan, more than 30000 Kanwariyas raised water, left for Babadham


Shravani Mela 2023: Sawan, the favorite month of Lord Shankar, is going on. On Thursday, the third day of this holy month, more than 30 thousand Kanwarias left for Babadham from Sultanganj for water offering. During this holy Uttar Vahini on the banks of the Ganges from morning to afternoon Kanwariyas wearing saffron clothes started towards Baba Dham from Ajgaivinagri chanting ‘Bol Bam’. With the cheering of Kanwariyas, the whole atmosphere got colored in the color of Bol Bomb.

More than 30 thousand Kanwariyas left with Gangajal

Due to the pleasant weather on Thursday, the Kanwariyas left for Baba Nagri with Anand. According to the official statistics, till 4 pm in 222 postal bombs, a woman and 17486 general Kanwarias filled Ganges water on the holy Uttar Vahini Ganga bank. But after evening till late night, the group of Kanwariyas were seen going to Babadham. More than 30 thousand Kanwariyas left for Baba Dham with Gangajal. Thousands of Kanwarias also left for Babadham by vehicle. The process of going from Sultanganj to Babadham is going on continuously.

Cultural program in Mahashivir

A cultural program is also being organized at the Dhandhi-Bellary Mahashivir located on the Kanwariya Path in Shravani Mela. For this, the authorized committee of the district administration has selected 87 artistes and one announcer. Selected artists will present cultural programs regularly till 31st August. Artists will also be given remuneration.

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