What kind of arrangement is this: Woman standing in line for ultrasound in Lady Loyal fainted, cooler-fans found closed in the ward


Agra. In Lady Loyal located in Agra, UP, there is a pile of stages everywhere. The hospital where pregnant women reach for their health check-up. She has been facing problems for a long time due to the problems prevailing in the District Women’s Hospital. Somewhere fans and coolers are not running in the women’s ward, and somewhere women are forced to wait for hours for ultrasound. Some such pictures came to the fore in the District Women’s Hospital which exposed the arrangements. There was a long queue of women at the ultrasound center located on the first floor of 100 Sayya Hospital of the District Women’s Hospital.

Coolers and fans found closed in PNC ward

During this, Pooja, who had come to get ultrasound done from Budhi Ka Nagla of Trans-Yamuna police station, fainted due to dizziness while standing in the line. Due to no arrangement for her to lie down, husband Ram Singh somehow made Pooja lie down on the floor by spreading a sheet. After some time Pooja regained consciousness after rubbing hands and feet. But despite that she was feeling weak. On the other hand, when Dainik Bhaskar’s camera started moving towards the victim, the staff and doctors present in Lady Loyal started asking about the condition of the victim. Due to which it seemed that the woman’s ultrasound would be done soon. But after some time the employees disappeared again and the woman kept on moaning on the ground in the same condition.

woman fainted while standing in line for ultrasound

On the same information, it was found that the women coming to the ultrasound center are being asked to come after about 20 to 30 days after making the form. A similar situation was witnessed in the PNC ward located on the second floor of Lady Loyal. Dozens of pregnant women are admitted here with their children. But in the scorching heat, these women have to survive without coolers and fans. Out of four coolers installed in PNC ward, only two coolers are working. The remaining two are lying closed. In such a situation, patients have to take support of hand wings. At the same time, a lot of dirt has accumulated in and around the dustbin kept in the ward. But no employee is removing the filth from there.

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cooler motor bad

Due to this filth, the newborns present in the ward can become victims of infection. When talking to the head of the department, Seema Mehra, about the conditions prevailing in Lady Loyal, she said that only one radiologist is present at the ultrasound centre. Along with this, more ultrasounds are done daily than can be counted. No woman has to go back for ultrasound. For the bad cooler and fan in the PNC ward, he said that the motor of the cooler was broken. There was something wrong with the wings. Which have been sent to correct. Everything will start today.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QczfpIm97M)


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