Surat: 117 trees fell in 4 days due to strong winds in different areas of the city


The administration in Surat district was on alert mode regarding Cyclone Biporjoy. In Surat, where the fire department team was also kept on stand by, the fire department received 117 calls about tree falling in the last 4 days and on the other hand 18 teams were working continuously day and night. The performance of the fire department in Surat has been commendable.

The fire department received 117 calls about fallen trees.

In the last 4 days in Surat, the fire department received 117 calls about tree falling, for which the fire department team was constantly trying. As soon as the information was received, the fire department personnel reached the spot and continued to remove the trees. Due to which the problem of road jam did not arise anywhere. In view of the storm situation, 18 teams of the fire department remained ready and the firemen were also trained in advance. The fire brigade team worked day and night. Chief Fire Officer Basant Parikh was also continuously monitoring the performance of the fire department. Due to the comparative performance of the fire department, there was no incident of road jamming anywhere.

A fire brigade team is also working in Okha: Chief Fire Officer

Chief fire officer Basant Parikh said the fire department has received 117 calls about fallen trees in the last four days. At the same time, 18 teams of the fire department were formed regarding the storm and this team was already trained. In addition, all calls received by the Fire Department have been attended immediately. Roads are not obstructed anywhere. Apart from this, a team of fire department from Surat has also been sent to Okha for operation. In which 1 officer, 2 drivers and 5 firemen have been found, total 8 personnel with rescue equipment and emergency rescue vehicle have reached and working there. Even now 18 teams of fire department are ready in Surat and are working as soon as calls are received.


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