Problems due to weak network in Patna hospitals, doctors have to come 100 meters away for advice from seniors


Anand Tiwari, Patna. The problem of non-availability of mobile network in the old emergency ward of PMCH, the same problem is also being faced in the new surgical emergency. The same condition is being seen in IGIMS also. Not only the patients and their relatives coming for treatment from OPD to emergency of these two hospitals, but other staff including doctors are also facing problems. Due to lack of network in mobile, they are unable to talk and cannot do any work related to internet. In such an emergency, everyone has to face trouble every day.

Plan was made to install network boosters

The special thing is that to get rid of this years-old problem, the hospital management had planned to install network boosters in the wards of the new and old buildings. But till now this plan has not worked. Everyday more than 5 thousand people visit both the hospitals. Company has done inspection in PMCH

Company has inspected

If experts are to be believed, a plan was made to install boosters in PMCH due to the network problem. Under this, the representatives of the mobile network company were also inspected here. It has not been decided which company will be given the responsibility of installing network booster and for how long it will take. After this this plan also went in cold storage. Due to lack of network, doctors run their work with the help of intercom.

Doctors have to come out of OT for advice from seniors

In PMCH, the network does not work even in the emergency ward and OT of Rajendra surgical block. It is also compulsion for doctors to come out of OT even during serious operations. Because during the delivery or operation of a woman, if the doctor has to consult a senior doctor over the phone, then he has to come out of the OT. If doctors are to be believed, they come about 100 meters away for the network.

More than 2 thousand patients come out daily

Due to non-availability of network, relatives of patients admitted in the ward have to come out to talk to their visitors. Similarly, the OPD of IGIMS has maximum mobile network problem. About 3000 thousand new and old patients come here daily for treatment. Similarly, the number of patients in PMCH is around 1800. According to an estimate, including both the hospitals, more than two thousand people come out of the building in a day just to talk on mobile.

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problem will be solved soon

Superintendent in-charge of PMCH Dr. AK Jha says that there is network problem in emergency and some wards. Tried to fix it. Information will be taken about where the problem is coming now. However, in the new building being constructed, there will be no network problem at all. On the other hand, Dr. Manish Mandal, Deputy Director of IGIMS, says that a plan has been made to solve the problem of non-availability of mobile network in OPD. This problem will also be fixed in the coming days.



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