Bhagalpur: 20 lakh extortion sought from the chief, requested for security from the DIG


A state in Eastern India: A case of demanding extortion from a headman is coming to the fore in Bhagalpur district. It is being told that an extortion of Rs 20 lakh has been demanded from Anjana Devi, head of Belkhoria Panchayat in Madhusudanpur police station area. The people who came with weapons went to the chief’s house and demanded extortion. Chief Anjana Devi reached Madhusudanpur police station on Wednesday afternoon and made a written complaint against the two accused. In the given application, the chief has written that at seven o’clock on Tuesday evening, her husband Brajkishore Singh was talking about some work while sitting on the verandah outside their house with four people. Meanwhile, two youths of Golahu Sintu Yadav and Sitti Yadav came armed and demanded Rs 20 lakh as extortion.

Both the persons are of criminal record

Regarding the case, the chief told that both the persons are of criminal image. He has already gone to jail in cases like murder. In such a situation, the life of the chief and his family may be in danger. He told that by giving an application to the station in-charge, he has demanded the safety of life and property. Along with this, by giving written information about the incident to the DIG and SSP, they have requested for security. Station Head Mahesh Kumar told that on the basis of the written complaint, an FIR has been registered. Appropriate legal action will be taken after investigating the incident.

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There has been a complaint about the works of the panchayat

Another aspect has also come to the fore in the matter of demanding extortion from the chief. It is said that corruption has spread in the Panchayat. A complaint was made to the district administration about this. There is a dispute between the chief and some people regarding this. On the other hand, it is being said that earlier a public representative of the panchayat level used to sell liquor. The matter may also be related to this. The police is probing the entire matter.



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