Aurangabad weather: It is difficult to leave the house due to the scorching heat, the Meteorological Department issued a yellow alert


Aurangabad: The scorching heat has made life difficult. If the temperature of the weather is on parwan, then the havoc of heat is also going on. People are suffering due to the scorching sun and heat and humid summer. As soon as morning comes, fire starts raining from the sky. In such a situation, people are refraining from coming out of the house. An increase of about three degrees in temperature was recorded in two days. The maximum temperature on Monday was 41.3 degrees Celsius, which crossed 43 degrees on Wednesday. In the southern region and hilly areas of the block, people are often hiding in their homes to avoid the heat wave.

people not leaving home

Only a few people were seen in the markets. However, those who have an atmosphere of marriage in their homes, they are shopping in the market especially in the morning and evening. By the way, there is little movement in the markets in the late evening itself. Here, the problem of drinking water is getting deeper everywhere. According to the information, people of many localities of the district headquarters have returned to their native village after locking their houses. Farmers are also troubled by the indifference of the weather. Refraining from working in the fields in the scorching sun. The coolers installed in the houses have become ineffective due to the extreme heat, so hot air is coming out from the fans. The Meteorological Department has suggested people to be cautious in view of the heat wave.

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Yellow alert issued today and tomorrow

Meteorologist of KVK Siris, Dr. Anoop Kumar Choubey said that according to the weather forecast, there is a possibility of more heat on June 8 and 9 i.e. Thursday and Friday. The maximum temperature is expected to be 43 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature is expected to be 28 degree Celsius. Here, on June 10 Saturday, 43 degrees, on June 11 Sunday, 42 degrees and on June 12 Monday, the maximum temperature has been estimated to be 43 degrees Celsius. Meteorologist Dr. Anoop told that from June 10 to 12, there is a possibility of light clouds in the sky and on June 12, there is a possibility of light rain (drizzle) at some places.



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