Muzaffarpur Weather: Fire raining from the sky, North Bihar in grip of heatwave, will get relief from heat from this day….


A state in Eastern India: The weather in Muzaffarpur still does not seem to be in a mood to give relief. It seems dishonest to expect relief from the heat in the coming few days. Due to continuous fire raining from the sky, the temperature is increasing. Entire North Bihar is in the grip of heat wave. People are adopting different remedies to get relief from the heat. People do not find it appropriate to go out of the house and even if someone is going out, then it is definitely visible with an umbrella in his hand or a towel on his head. Let us tell you that according to the data released by the Meteorological Department, a record 41.4 degree mercury was recorded on Wednesday as well. Which is likely to increase further in the coming times. The Meteorological Department says that the maximum temperature can go up to 42 degrees.

Infection is increasing due to heat

At present, the maximum temperature is 4.3 degrees above normal. Due to the extreme heat, people are not able to come out of their houses. From the bus stand to the railway station, the condition of the passengers is bad. Not only humans, but animals and birds are also suffering from the heat. Infection is also increasing due to heat and sunlight. This is the reason that the number of patients in the district hospital has also increased.

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The temperature may rise further

Due to the scorching sun and heat, there was silence in all the congested areas of the city in the afternoon. There was movement of a few vehicles on the main road as well. On the other hand, people have been alerted by the Meteorological Department. According to the forecast, the heatwave is likely to continue till June 11 i.e. Sunday. Not only this, the maximum temperature will increase further. According to the Meteorological Department, the maximum temperature can go up to 42 degrees. Let us tell you that for the last two weeks, the condition of the people is miserable due to the heat wave in the afternoon. Last Tuesday, 41.2 degree Celsius was recorded.



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