Budh Gochar 2023: Budhaditya Raja Yoga is being formed in Taurus due to the change of zodiac sign of Mercury, these zodiac signs will get benefit


Budh Gochar 2023: According to astrology, all the planets change their sign according to a certain day, date and time, which is called transit. This transit happens in all the months. In a month, some planets set, while some planets rise or remain in retrograde position. Under this transit, there is transit of two auspicious planets in one zodiac, it is called conjunction of planets. Yoga is formed when two benefic planets combine in one zodiac sign. The conjunction of two auspicious planets in a zodiac sign results in auspicious yoga, which greatly affects the general life of a person.

On June 7, the prince planet Mercury is going to change its zodiac sign. In Indian astrology, Mercury is called Kumar Graha. This is a fourth class auspicious planet, if it is high in the horoscope, then one gets efficient, banking, diplomacy and versatile abilities in the political field. The color of Mercury is dark, they look younger in age. Along with this, their skin is also very glowing. Due to the influence of this planet, the power to explain something and the power to communicate is more in comparison to other people. After the transit of Mercury in Taurus, Sun is already sitting in this sign, which will become Surya-Budhaditya Raja Yoga. In astrology, Sun is the factor of soul, father, prestige, government job, skill, respect.

The combination of these two planets is very auspicious. This is the reason why the native becomes lucky due to the combination of these two planets. Its effect will remain till June 15. Mercury is a benefic planet but the condition with it is that it gives positive results when it is under the influence of benefic planets and it gives negative results when it is aspected by inauspicious planets. The independent influence of Mercury can make the native mischievous and funny. Along with being mischievous, these people are very good in spot reply.Mercury is the lord of Virgo and Gemini.

How Sun is being formed – Budhaditya Raja Yoga

According to astrology, Sun is already sitting in Taurus. Mercury is transiting in this sign today. When Sun and Mercury sit together in one sign, then Budhaditya Raja Yoga is formed. It affects all zodiac signs. In astrology, this yoga is considered a very auspicious yoga, in whose horoscope this yoga is formed in auspicious way, that person gets respect in the society, gets wealth and prestige in abundance. Those who are preparing for the job get success in this period.

Since when Budhaditya Raja Yoga is being formed

On June 07, 2023, Wednesday evening time will be 07.56 minutes, it will transit in Taurus. From this time this yoga is being formed in Taurus.

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Know which zodiac sign will get benefit from Budhaditya Raja Yoga

Taurus : Budhaditya Yoga is being formed in the first house for the people of this zodiac. Which is going to be very auspicious. There will be a lot of happiness of brother and sister along with family happiness. Sources of income will increase. Married life will be happy. It is the best time for businessmen to invest. People who are not married will get married.

Cancer : Cancer is transiting in the eleventh house, which will improve the economic condition and will get respect, new sources of income will be created. Those who are doing the work of share market. They will get benefits, the family environment will be happy. Interest in the work of religion will increase. Will get an opportunity to go abroad.

Lion : For the people of this zodiac, Budhaditya Yoga will transit in the tenth house, which will give financial benefits. Stopped money will be returned. Will get benefit in career. Your officers will cooperate with you, there will be chances of promotion. Those who are searching for a job, all their stalled work will be completed.

Virgo : Budhaditya Yoga in the ninth house for the people of this zodiac which will increase the workload at your work place. Business will do fine. There will be worship lessons in the house, which will create religious thoughts, this time will be best for the businessman.

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