Ground water extraction rules will be made in Bihar, survey will be done of water traders’ plants, DM will prepare report


The Bihar government will conduct a survey of all such plants in the state, which are illegally extracting water from the land and selling it. According to sources, water traders across the state indiscriminately exploit more than 20 lakh liters of ground water every day, but there is no rule for all of them. Lakhs of liters of water is also being wasted during water extraction, which is not even used. The government will prepare rules for groundwater extraction before December and will take action against all such water selling businessmen.

DM will take action, water plant will be closed

According to the information, a guideline is being sent to all DMs to prepare a report in this regard. At the same time, the State Ground Water Committee will be formed soon in Bihar, after which strict action will be taken against those who exploit ground water. Presently, there will be a survey of such plants in all the districts to see from where NOC has been received to sell them by draining water.

this is the rule

According to the rules of 2011, any person can sell packaged drinking water, mineral water after BIS certification. It is mandatory for him to take NOC under Ground Water Act 2019. This NOC is given for five years. For the license of the plant, permission from Municipal Corporation and Municipal Council and PHED, Environment, Food Supply Department along with Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is mandatory. At the same time, according to the rules, there should be 1500 square feet of land to set up a bottling plant. To set up a water plant, boring up to 200 feet is necessary, but in most places the plant is installed in just 20 feet wide and 30 feet long room. Boring is only 100 feet deep.

Consumption of 7 crore liters of bottled water every month in Patna, more than 600 packaged water plants running without license

Chilling plant instead of RO, 95 percent do not have license

In most of the water plants, instead of RO, water is being supplied through chilling plant. In this, the water is cooled till the bacteria are killed and then it is supplied after packing. At the same time, more than 90 percent of the plants do not have the arrangement of chemist for laboratory and investigation.


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