Begusarai: A young man was going to his maternal grandfather after meeting his sister, died in a road accident


A state in Eastern India: A young man died tragically after being hit by an unknown vehicle on NH 28 located in Begumsarai Mohaniya Dhala of Rani Do Panchayat of Bachwada police station area of ​​Begusarai. The news of the young man’s death due to the accident of an unknown vehicle spread like a wild fire in the area and a crowd of onlookers gathered. The deceased has been identified as Manoj Rai, thirty-year-old son of Ram Nandan Rai, a resident of Ghatho village under Ghatho police station area of ​​Samastipur district. Eyewitnesses told that the said youth was going from Bachwada towards Teghra riding his bike, when an uncontrolled unknown vehicle going at a high speed towards Bachwada Teghra hit him, due to which the said youth died on the spot.

Nanihal was going from sister’s house

On the other hand, the relatives told that the said young man had come to his sister’s place from Ghatho village of Ghatho police station area of ​​Samastipur district to his paternal house and Narepur village was going to his maternal grandfather Teghda after meeting his sister’s house. While going to Teghra, an unknown vehicle hit on NH 28 located in Begumsarai Mohania Dhala, due to which the youth died on the spot. The incident was informed by the local people to the Bachwada police station.

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Palik sent the dead body for postmortem.

After getting information about the incident, Bachwada police station reached the spot and took the dead body and the accident bike in their custody. Bachwada police station has sent the dead body to Sadar Hospital Begusarai for postmortem. After getting the information of the incident, there was chaos among the family members. Due to the cries of the family members, the heart of the people present went down and the eyes became moist. Let us tell that the deceased has left behind an innocent boy and a girl.



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