Surat: Schools resounded with children’s cries


With the end of the summer vacation in the schools, children’s cries were again heard today. Children were also seen entering the school in a disciplined manner. The teachers in the schools welcomed the children enthusiastically.

children reached school after vacation

The new academic session has started in Gujarat from today. Today all the students, big and small, were seen going to school. Especially the students studying in primary class were seen carrying their school bags and going to school smiling. Today being the first day of school after the end of vacation, there was definitely some excitement among the students. The school teachers encouraged the children by staying at the gate to allow them entry.

The children said that there is more to play

The children were excited when entering the school, but when the teachers asked, do you want to study today? So the children replied very easily, no we have to play more now. All the children started talking among themselves that they had to go to the garden and we still had to play. On hearing this, the teacher’s face was also surprised with a smile. On the first day of school also, the children were seen in a holiday mood.


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