World Environment Day: If climate change does not stop, more than 3 million people will die every year


-Seema Javed-

as on earth green house gas Emissions are increasing, the pace of climate change is accelerating. Populations around the world are being severely affected by extreme weather and climate change events. For example, in 2022, persistent drought in East Africa, record-breaking rains in Pakistan, and record-breaking heatwaves in China and Europe affected hundreds of millions of people. Because of which problems like threat to food security and mass migration came to the fore.

Big threat to the creatures of the earth

A study published in the journal Nature states that we are posing a great risk to our future and to every living organism on earth. Global warming has increased to such an extent that there has been a threat to the species of many organisms. This study group, called the Earth Commission, which includes more than 40 scientists from all over the world, has concluded that melting of glaciers, excessive carbon dioxide dissolved in ocean water i.e. ocean acidification, heat wave, floods and droughts can cause climate change. It is full of hallmarks.

India heatwave victim

India and Pakistan have been suffering from heatwaves for the last few years due to which human population had to face massive hardships and it has also affected the supply of wheat globally. According to a rapid attribution analysis conducted by an international team of the world’s leading climate scientists, the likelihood of such a severe heatwave has increased nearly 30 times due to climate change caused by harmful human activities. If the situation remains like this, then the day is not far when in the next few years, 2.40 billion of the world’s population of about eight billion will be facing severe water crisis. Antarctic sea ice has melted to record levels and the melting of some European glaciers is beyond count.

1.2 billion climate refugees by 2050

According to the WMO State of the Global Climate Report 2023, dangerous climate and weather-related events promoted the displacement of people throughout the past year. According to a World Bank report, by 2050, climate change could prompt 216 million people to migrate from one place to another within their own countries. By 2050, there could be 1.2 billion climate refugees in the world.

Many animal species on the verge of extinction

A new study in Nature Ecology and Evolution, led by UCL Research, has revealed that due to climate change, many species of animals, plants, animals and birds on earth are being pushed towards sudden extinction. These species can suddenly die when global warming rises up to 2.5 degree Celsius. They are unable to thrive in such a hot environment and are getting destroyed. The team analyzed data from more than 35,000 species of animals (including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, corals, fish, whales and plankton), seagrass data from every continent and 2100 climate projections including ocean basins.

There will be more than 3 million deaths every year

According to the Lancet Countdown 2022, if climate change is not stopped, by the end of this century, 3.4 million more people (in addition to the current deaths) will die every year. In such a situation, the latest synthesis report of IPCC warns us that climate change is not only a threat to humans but also to the welfare of the entire planet. This report tells us that we are standing very close to an increase of one and a half degree Celsius in global temperature and this increase is not safe for our planet and the people living here.

(The author is an environmentalist)

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