The under-construction bridge of Aguwani Ghat-Sultanganj collapsed like a pack of cards, four legs and sub-structure drowned in the Ganges.


Patna. The Aguwani Ghat-Sultanganj Ganga bridge collapsed like a pack of cards on Sunday. The four foundations and sub-structures of the bridge were completely immersed in the Ganges. A part of this bridge had collapsed earlier also. This time the part of the bridge towards Khagaria has been destroyed. There is no information about any casualty.

Date line has increased six times

The date line for the construction of this bridge has been changed six times so far. The foundation stone of this bridge was laid in 2014. The work of this bridge started in 2016. AP Singhla Company is making this bridge. It was being claimed that 83.17 percent of the super structure work has also been completed. Apart from this, 45.10 percent work of approach road has been done. A dateline has been given to complete the construction of this bridge this year.

accident happened before

Even before this a part of this bridge has collapsed and fallen. 36 slabs on both sides of the found number 4,5,6 of this bridge connecting North and South Bihar were demolished. In relation to the incident, it was told that the slabs on both sides of the bridge number 5 of Sultanganj-Aguwani bridge collapsed with a loud sound after cracking. There was no casualty as the bridge construction work was not going on due to the accident early in the morning.


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