Surat: Direct flight to Dubai can be found in winter schedule


Passengers will be able to go directly to Dubai and Hong Kong from Surat airport. Necessary talks have started with two-three airlines for this, it is likely that this flight will be available for Surat in the next winter schedule. Discussions are going on between the airlines companies and the airport authority on the slot, if the flight slot from Surat to Dubai is fixed, the people of Surat will be able to travel by air from Surat to Dubai before next Diwali. The flight between Surat and Sharjah is running thrice a week, it is also likely to be increased from one day to four days.

The number of passengers flying to Sharjah has increased by 83 percent compared to last year. A total of 1977 passengers traveled to Sharjah in April-2022 on 21 flights, as against 28 flights in April-2023 carrying 3628 passengers. This figure reached the highest i.e. 4700 after 2019 in the month of May. It is found that if Sharjah’s air traffic is received at a distance of 40 km from Dubai, most of Dubai’s traffic is received from Surat.

Import-export, diamond-jewellery industry will also flourish in Dubai. Students of Surat will get direct connectivity to any country of the world in one PNR.  After going to Sharjah, it used to take 5 to 7 hours to go from there to Dubai.  Time will also be saved.  Along with the import-export business in Dubai, the diamond-jewellery industry will also boom.  Surat's important project Diamond Bursa will also benefit greatly from the flight to Dubai.  Both terminal buildings to be put into use in July    <p>Regarding the new buildings being constructed on both sides of the old terminal building of Surat Airport, the Director said that both the terminal buildings of Surat Airport can be put to use only in July.  Preparations for which have been started, at present 95 per cent work has been completed in both the buildings.</p>  <p><strong>Talks are going on with the airlines company: Airport director</strong></p>  <p>According to Airport Director Rupesh Kumar Lohani, talks are currently on with two-three airlines regarding the Surat-Dubai flight.  But probably an attempt will be made to get this flight before Diwali.  He further said that efforts are being made to get direct flights from Surat to Mumbai, Patna and Lucknow, Guwahati as well.</p>  


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