Surat: World Environment Day special, 38.31 percent green cover and 18.26 percent tree cover in Municipal Corporation area


June 5 is celebrated as “World Environment Day” with the aim of protecting and promoting the environment, increasing environmental awareness among people and everyone’s participation in the work of environmental protection. “Environment Day” is celebrated worldwide since 1972 by the United Nations.

The city of Surat is known to be the fastest growing city in the country, with the municipal urban development as well as commendable efforts to plant more and more trees for the purpose of preserving and enriching the environment and for the purpose of environmental purification Still working. Various colorful flowers and plants play an important role in conserving the environment, achieving the goal of livable city and making the residents cultured and energetic. In public interest, Surat Municipal Corporation also undertakes massive tree plantation in gardens, ponds, BRTS routes, road dividers, road sides, open plots, drainage pumping stations, health centres, water works, oxygen parks, oxygen corners, Ashokvan .

A total of 242 parks including 136 gardens, 29 lake gardens and 77 Shantivan/Shantikunj have been developed in the city for recreation and health services. To make Surat city greener every year with the combined and intensive efforts of Surat Municipal Corporation Municipal Officers, Municipal Councillors, Environment/Tree lovers, Officers/Employees and City Citizens/NGOs/Clubs etc. in Surat City Trees are being planted in different areas.

Under the tree plantation request received by the Municipal Corporation, the necessary trees and plants will be purchased and made available zone-wise from the nursery of the Municipal Corporation as well as from other nurseries. Plantation of plants like Banyan, Pipal, Neem, Kanji, Kaygelia, Garmalo, Borsalli, Mahoguni, Saptaparni, Kanchanar, Tabubia rosea, Kadam, Asoplav, Pendula, Galtora, Caliandra, Kodaria, Takoma, Paras, Jasud, Tugar under this scheme is done.

Kadamba trees have been planted on a large scale by the Surat Municipal Corporation along the Pune to Border BRTS canal route. Apart from this, the municipality is working to make the city green by planting trees on a large scale around the road. If we look at the details of plantation and distribution of free saplings in the last five years, 2.38 lakh in 2018-19, 6.98 lakh in 2019-20, 3.33 lakh in 2020-21, 1.48 lakh in 2021-22 and 2022, in the year 2022-23 1.10 lakh saplings have been planted.

Thus, in the last five years, a total of 15.28 trees have been planted with the joint efforts of the citizens by distributing 9.57 lakh and 5.70 lakh plantations free of cost. There is a plan to plant more than 5.00 lakh saplings for the current year also. In which three lakh trees will be distributed free of cost to the citizens while two lakh saplings will be planted in different areas.

Asia’s largest Biodiversity Park is being built in 87 hectares in Althan by the Municipal Corporation at a cost of Rs 139 crore, in which an urban forest will be made with 6 lakh trees of 85 types. People will get 13 km walking track and 9 km cycle track in this park. The park will give the city dwellers a pleasant feel like an urban jungle. Apart from this, Oxygen Park has been constructed by planting more and more oxygen giving trees like Banyan, Peepla, Neem, Areca Palm, Snash Plant, Ram Tulsi for the urban residents. 7768 saplings have been planted in Bhimrad and 4854 in Uttaran.

On the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5, about 500 sq. m. 2500 saplings of 100 different types will be planted in the area. Tree plantation request web application/mobile registration will also be launched from June 5 to September 15 under public participation campaign.


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