Passengers will now be weighed before the flight, know the reason


Air New Zealand will weigh passengers on international flights from Auckland International Airport. According to a CNN report, the flag carrier said that as part of the passenger load survey, the company is doing this to get a data on the load and distribution of aircraft. The airline will determine the average weight of the passengers through this survey. This information will be given to the pilots. There will be no one around the passengers when their weight is taken so that the passengers do not feel uncomfortable while taking the weight. No one will be able to see this scene.

How will the survey be done

According to a report in NDTV, Air New Zealand will install two scales near the gate of Auckland International Airport for its survey. Passengers arriving to travel will have to step on a set of scales for the airline to log their weight before boarding. Passengers will be weighed separately from luggage. In this episode, the airline’s load control improvement specialist Alastair James says that we weigh everything that goes on the plane. He said that we weigh everything from cargo to food on board and luggage in the hold.

Although the airline says that the process of weighing passengers may be uncomfortable. On this, the airline said that it is voluntary and there will be no display of weighing at the airport, which will make any passenger feel uncomfortable. The airline said that it may be difficult for passengers to step on the scales. In such a situation, the airline has assured that no one will be present at the place where the passengers are weighed.

According to the report of NDTV, Air New Zealand will weigh the passengers as per the requirement of the Civil Aviation Authority from June to July next month. For this survey to be effective, at least 10,000 people will need to be weighed.


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