Khalistani flags waved at Rahul Gandhi’s program in America, PM Modi also made a target


former president of congress Rahul Gandhi Currently on US tour. Where he addressed the Pravasi Indians at the Silicon Valley Campus of the University of California. During this, he fiercely targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, when Rahul Gandhi was addressing the people, Khalistani flags were waved there. Khalistani supporters also challenged Rahul Gandhi.

Slogans raised in Rahul Gandhi’s program regarding the demand for Khalistan

When Rahul Gandhi was addressing the people in California, Khalistani supporters waved Khalistani flags and slogans were raised demanding Khalistan. Khalistani organization SFJ has taken responsibility for this. The head of the organization Gurpatwant Singh Pannu released the video and said, what did we do regarding the 1984 Sikh riots? The Khalistanis warned Rahul Gandhi that wherever the Congress leader would go in America, Khalistani supporters would stand. The Khalistanis also made Prime Minister Narendra Modi the next target and said, on June 22 Modi’s next number.

Rahul Gandhi accuses Modi government of misusing central agencies

Rahul Gandhi In his address, he also accused the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in India of threatening people and misusing the country’s agencies. He said, BJP is threatening people and misusing government agencies. The Bharat Jodo Yatra was started because the BJP-Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) controls all the means we needed to connect with the people.

‘Modi ji can explain even to God…’, Rahul Gandhi taunts PM Modi in America

Rahul Gandhi will meet MPs during his American tour

The Congress leader arrived here on Tuesday to visit three cities of America. During this, he will interact with Indian expatriates as well as meet American MPs. Indian Overseas Congress President Sam Pitroda said last week that Gandhi’s visit was aimed at promoting shared values ​​and vision of a real democracy.


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