People of Patna district are in panic due to the mischief of monkeys, so far 22 people have been victimized in the draft


Patna. Due to the menace of monkeys, the people of Masodhi are in panic these days. The monkeys have so far made 22 people their victims here. In this area adjacent to the capital Patna, the administration has so far not taken any initiative to solve this problem of the people. The condition is that these days in Tineri village of Masaurhi police station area, due to the menace of monkeys, the villagers are not coming out of the house alone. From children to elders, the fear of monkeys is haunting. Whether it is day or night, the people of the village are not even able to sleep peacefully.

forest department is not taking action

Talking to the local media regarding the mischief of monkeys, people told that these monkeys are destroying goods by entering everyone’s houses. Are ruining the barn and the crop. Many people have started vigil in the village due to the fear of monkeys. People told that till now a total of 22 people have been bitten and injured by the monkey. Many children are involved in this. Many people are getting treated in Jehanabad Sadar Hospital and private hospital. People say that despite giving information, the administration is not taking any initiative to control the monkeys. According to the local people, the people of the village have informed the forest department, but till now the forest department has remained indifferent. The people of the village are very upset due to the menace of monkeys.

Fear of monkeys in villagers

Most of the people who became victims of monkeys are children and women. So far 22 people of the area have been bitten and badly injured by monkeys. There are 8 children in it. Many injured children have been identified as Jyoti Ranjan, Krishna Kumar, Chulbul Kumar, Lata Kumari, Bittu Kumar, Aditya Kumar. He has been sent to Jehanabad for treatment. At the same time many people including Abhishek Kumar, Vijay Ravidas, Ram Pravesh Sharma, Anil Sharma, Manju Sharma, Vikas Kumar, Himanshu Raj, Rajinikanth have been cut and injured.


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