New Parliament Building: How is the design of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in the new Parliament House, PM will inaugurate on 28


Inauguration of the new Parliament House Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to do it on 28 May. There is curiosity in the minds of people about how the new Parliament House is and that is the reason why we are writing this news for you, in which an attempt has been made to give as much concrete information as possible about the new Parliament.

Why the need for a new parliament?

First of all, there is a big question in the mind of the people that when there is such a beautiful and grand parliament in the country, then why was there a need for a new parliament? The answer is that our present parliament was not constructed as a parliament house, that is why there is not enough space for the parliamentarians to sit here and when there is a joint session of both the houses, there is trouble and increases. At present there are 545 seats in the Lok Sabha, but after the delimitation of 2026, this seat will increase, then there will be less space for the MPs to sit. There is also a risk regarding security here.

New and old parliament will work together

Adequate space has been arranged for the MPs in the new Parliament House, so that there is no problem in sitting. The new Parliament House has been constructed in 65 thousand square meters. The purpose of its triangular shape is to make the Parliament bigger and more open. But according to the information given, the new parliament and the current parliament will work together so that the work can go more smoothly.

Central Lounge

1272 MPs will be able to sit in the Lok Sabha

There will be big rooms for the legislature in the new parliament building. At present, the Lok Sabha has a seating capacity of 545 people, while the new building will have a Lok Sabha with a capacity of 888 seats, while the Rajya Sabha will have a capacity of 384 seats. For the joint session, 1272 seats can be created in the Lok Sabha. Keeping this in mind, its shape has been made triangular. The construction of the Lok Sabha has been done on the theme of the national bird peacock. At the same time, there will be enough space in the Rajya Sabha and it has been constructed on the lines of the national flower lotus. The Central Lounge is being constructed to complement the open courtyard where members can sit and discuss comfortably.

Lok Sabha

Will get a glimpse of Indian art and culture

There will be an excellent library in the new building of Parliament, where there will be one to one books. There will be statues of many big leaders including Mahatma Gandhi, Patel in the campus. Along with this, the impression of Indian culture will be seen here. A banyan tree will be planted in the courtyard. The offices here will be equipped with modern techniques. Along with this, the facility of audio and video will also be of high class. The design of the Constitution Hall has also been done in the best way, in which the constitution is in the center. A glimpse of Indian art and culture will be seen in the new building of Parliament. Along with this, green parliament building has been constructed for environmental protection.

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