Opposition to the new Parliament building is an insult to the self-respect of the countrymen: Dharmendra Pradhan


Bhubaneswar, May 26 (HS) Union Education and Skill Development Minister Dharmendra Pradhan lashed out at these parties for announcing boycott of the inauguration program of the new Parliament House by the Congress and other political parties. He said that this is an insult to the self-respect and mandate of 140 crore countrymen.

On Thursday, Union Minister Pradhan said in a tweet that boycotting the inauguration program of the new Parliament House is an introduction to the ideological poverty and political bankruptcy of the Congress and other parties supporting their ideology. The temple of democracy is a symbol of expression of self-respect, determination, strength and aspirations of the countrymen. By boycotting it, the Congress is insulting the self-respect and mandate of 140 crore countrymen.

Minister Pradhan asked whether the country and anti-Modi has dominated the Congress so much that it is playing hollow politics even on such a historic occasion. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is correcting one by one the historical mistakes committed by the Congress governments in the past. Is the frustration of the Congress due to this? In the year 2014 and in the year 2019, the public snatched the reins of the country from the familyist claws and handed it over to Modi. Is that why the Congress is continuously opposing and boycotting the new Parliament House.

He said that in the important period of Amrit Kaal when India is going to write a glorious chapter of democracy, Congress and many other political parties are looking for opportunities for negative politics. The people of the country understand everything. Congress should seriously consider this unfair step. The country will never forgive the Congress and other opposition parties for such an insult to democracy.


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