Banks of Patna are not following the guidelines of Reserve Bank, some form is being filled, while some are asking for copy of Aadhaar and PAN


Patna. People are going to their respective bank branches to exchange Rs 2,000 notes, but in many banks, bypassing the guidelines of the Reserve Bank, they are changing the notes in their own way. Due to this people are facing a lot of problems.

Filling out request form

Rs 2,000 notes are being exchanged at Canara Bank, Budh Marg, but people coming here are being asked to fill request forms. Told in the bank manager that this is the order of the bank management. Not only this, one has to go to the first floor of the bank to collect the request form. Most of the problems are being faced by the senior citizens.

People coming to Indian Bank located at Kotwali police station to exchange Rs 2,000 notes are also being asked to fill a request form. Less educated people are facing a lot of difficulty in growing the form. Along with this, it is being asked to give a copy of the identity card. Because of this many people are returning without exchanging notes.

ID proof being asked

At the same time, ID proof is being sought from those coming to exchange two thousand rupee notes in Kotak Mahindra Bank. Officials say that the orders given to the bank management are being followed. I have nothing to do with who is doing what.

Copy of Aadhaar and PAN being sought

No request form is being filled in Mithapur-based Central Bank of India to change the note, but the photo copy of Aadhaar and PAN card is being asked from the visitors here along with the signature. At the same time, notes of two thousand rupees are not being changed in Union Bank’s NIFT, Mithapur branch. Due to this every day 10 to 20 people are returning disappointed. The officer posted at the cash counter told that till now there is no provision to change the notes. Only big branches of the bank have this facility.

2000 notes worth more than Rs 82 crore were exchanged in Patna on the first day, know what people say on demonetisation

RBI should take immediate action

National General Secretary of All India Gramin Bank Officers Association DN Trivedi said that the most important thing is that there is no uniformity in the process of note exchange between banks. Somewhere, note exchange is being refused without requisition slip, while at some places note exchange is being done by taking Aadhaar card and mobile number. Ignoring the guidelines of the Reserve Bank, different banks are adopting different procedures. The Reserve Bank should take immediate action on this.



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