More than six projects whose completion will improve the economy of Bihar, stuck waiting for the approval of the Center


Krishna Kumar, Patna. The approval of the Central Government is awaited to start the construction of half a dozen projects of Bihar. In most of the projects, the necessary requirements from the state government have been almost fulfilled. The construction of all these will improve the economy of the state. Along with this, the common people will get livelihood. These important projects mainly include approval of zoo in Raniganj of Araria, second phase of Bharatmala Greenfield Expressway, construction of new Ganga bridge parallel to JP Setu, Kosi-Mechi link project.

Zoo in Raniganj

According to sources, the approval of the Central Zoo Authority and the Central Government is awaited for the zoo to be built in Raniganj of Araria. Along with sending the master plan in this regard, the Department of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has completed the necessary formalities. This second zoo of the state is to be constructed in about 289 acres.

Greenfield Expressway of second phase of Bharatmala awaits approval of Union Cabinet

There is a plan to make Greenfield Expressway in the second phase of Bharatmala in the state. Out of this, the process of land acquisition is going on in Varanasi-Kolkata Express. Apart from this, the approval of the Public Investment Board (PIB) has been received for the construction of other expressways. After this the approval of the Union Cabinet is awaited. This includes Raxaul-Haldia Greenfield Expressway, Gorakhpur-Siliguri Expressway, Buxar-Bhagalpur Expressway and Patna-Kolkata Expressway.

Out of this, the Raxaul-Haldia Greenfield Expressway will be built in a length of about 695 km at an estimated cost of Rs 54 thousand crore.

On the other hand, the total proposed length of Gorakhpur-Siliguri Expressway is about 519 km, of which 84 km will fall in UP i.e. Gorakhpur, Deoria and Kushinagar districts.

Expressway will be built from Buxar to Bhagalpur. Now there is a plan to connect Buxar to Purvanchal Expressway. By connecting Bhagalpur with this, direct connection of Bhagalpur will go through Purvanchal Expressway. Its length will be around 350 km.

With this, the approximate length of the expressway from Patna to Kolkata will be 450 km. Under Bharatmala Project Phase 2, this greenfield expressway will serve as an alternative to NH-2, on which only heavy vehicles will operate.

Awaiting approval for new Ganga bridge parallel to JP Setu

After getting the approval of the Public Investment Board (PIB) for the construction of a new six-lane Ganga bridge parallel to JP Setu at an estimated cost of about 2635 crores in length of about seven km, the tender was issued for its construction. After this, it is necessary to get the approval of the Union Cabinet to build this bridge. At present, this approval is being awaited.

Waiting to declare Kosi-Mechi link as a national project

The state government is continuously demanding to declare the Kosi-Mechi link project as a national project. Despite this, till now it has not got the approval of the national project. On getting this approval, the share of the central government’s expenditure on this would have been 90 percent and that of the state government 10 percent. Earlier, the Ken-Betwa link project of Madhya Pradesh has got this approval. At present, the central government will spend 60 percent and the state government will spend 40 percent on the Kosi-Mechi link.

Construction of Amas-Darbhanga Fourlane Expressway started in 10.7 km, demarcation of land acquisition completed

Demand for national silt management policy

The state government has been demanding for a long time to frame a national silt management policy from the central government to make the main rivers, including the Ganges, silt free. The state government says that with this the flood water in the rivers can be managed. Along with this, the state will be saved from floods. Rivers will be clean.



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