Darbhanga: Nitish Kumar kept silent on caste enumeration, told the victory of Congress in Karnataka as tremendous


Darbhanga. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Friday inaugurated Phase-2 work of upgradation, strengthening and paving work on top of Kamla-Balan left and right embankment at Kothram in Darbhanga. Along with this, restoration of ring dam of Chief Minister Darbhanga Airport, construction of PCC road on top, two km length paver block pitching work in the slope part towards Air Force Station and beautification work with Mithila Art in the slope of the dam towards the main gate of Darbhanga Airport. Also inaugurated. Water Resources Minister Sanjay Jha was also present on this occasion.

going to karnataka tomorrow

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that he was supposed to come here yesterday, but came today only. Because tomorrow I have to go to another place. Nitish Kumar said that the Congress has won a landslide victory in Karnataka. The new government is to be sworn in there on Saturday. Have to go to Karnataka. The invitation has come from there. Then the Congress President himself has also invited over the phone. On the question of journalists regarding the meeting regarding opposition unity, the Chief Minister said that we are already engaged in it. Let us go there tomorrow, come from there and then we will decide everything.

Does not comment on the decision on the court

On a question related to caste enumeration, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has told reporters that no one comments on the decision of the court. The government has taken this step only after taking the opinion of the caste enumeration. Today the people of BJP are talking about making a law. He was with us at that time, why didn’t he speak at that time. Now the matter is in the court. The lawyers are looking into everything. Whatever has to be done is for the lawyers to do. If the whole thing is understood, then it will be okay to say something on it.

get things done fast

Addressing the program earlier, Nitish Kumar said that we have to make complete preparations before the flood. The work of both the embankments of Kamla Balan has to be done quickly. Looking at Water Resources Minister Sanjay Jha, said that where have your officers who have come here gone? Will you listen to us or not? Will you get the work done fast or not? If you have given contract to someone, then you should get the work done fast. Will be happy if you get the work done fast. We will not tell now but we will go from above (helicopter) and see how much work has been done.

Take care of the problems of common people

Seeing the journalists standing in front of the stage in the scorching sun, the Chief Minister told the Darbhanga DM that you would have done something to the journalists. These people are facing the sun. By the way, we have been roaming from 4 degree to 44 degree. We are not worried but other people should not have any problem. Keep in mind that common people should not face any problem. On the other hand, the officers stood up and gave assurance, then the Chief Minister said that it is okay when you people stood up and said.


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