Lohardaga: Death of a government school student who went on a picnic before summer vacation, villagers held teachers hostage


Kudu (Lohardaga), Amit Kumar Raj: A student of the upgraded middle school Udumudu of Kudu police station area of ​​Lohardaga district drowned in the river. After this the teachers of the school were taken hostage by the villagers. The villagers allege that due to the negligence of the teachers, an eight-year-old child has died due to drowning in the Koyal river. The villagers created a ruckus in the school.

Villagers demanding registration of murder case against teachers

On receiving the information, the Block Education Extension Officer and Kudu Police officers arrived at the school. Together, both the officers freed the hostage teachers from the villagers and took them under their protection. The villagers are demanding registration of murder case against all the teachers.

The villagers created a ruckus in the school

Till the news is written, the villagers are stuck in the school premises. They have laid siege to the school. It is being told that the summer vacation is going to take place in the upgraded middle school Udumudu from Saturday. Earlier on Friday, teachers had gone on a picnic with 350 students of the school. All these people had reached Baridih near Koyal river at eight o’clock in the morning.

School children had gone to Baridah picnic near Koyal river

It is being told that without any government order, the teachers had gone for outing with the children. All the teachers and students had reached Baridah, located on the banks of the Koyal river, about four kilometers from the school. The villagers allege that except the children, all the teachers were busy in their respective work.

Villagers pulled the child out of the river in critical condition

When it was time to return at around 11 a.m., the teachers started counting the children. There was one child less in it. When the search for the missing child started, the child was found in the Koyal river. He was drowned. With the help of the villagers, the child was taken to Kudu CHC in critical condition, where the doctors declared him brought dead.

After the government, private doctors also declared the child dead.

The child was also shown to doctors in two private clinics of Kudu. Both the doctors declared him dead. The deceased child has been identified as Krish Kumar Sahu, son of Birendra Sahu, a resident of Udumudu village. The deceased was a student of class II. After the death of the child, the villagers became agitated and created a ruckus in the school.


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