Troubled by Pradhan, the watchman reached Lok Bhavan to commit suicide with his wife, the police saved his life by snatching kerosene


Lucknow. In the capital on Thursday, a couple tried to end their lives in front of Lok Bhavan. The police personnel of Hazratganj police station foiled the suicide attempt of both. However, due to the attempt of self-immolation in front of the Lok Bhavan, there was a disturbance in the administration. The local administration took the husband and wife in their custody. After listening to their problems, assured them of getting justice. Having lost hope of justice, the couple returned to their home. The officers also heaved a sigh of relief.

Attempted suicide amidst the movement of people

Manohar Lal, a resident of Imliha village of Nigoha police station area of ​​Lucknow, is a watchman. On Thursday, he reached the gate of Lok Bhavan at around 11 am with his wife Urmila Devi. Officers and employees were coming and going in Lok Bhavan. Meanwhile, Manohar Lal and his wife took out kerosene from a bottle and tried to burn themselves alive by pouring it on themselves. When the police saw him, he ran towards them, snatched the kerosene oil box and took both of them into custody.

Village head is troubling in election rivalry

The police saved Manohar Lal and his wife Urmila Devi by their activism. Both were making serious allegations against the head of Nigoha. Chowkidar Manohar Lal told how the head of Nigoha is filing a fake case against him in electoral rivalry. A false case has been registered in Mohanlalganj. Due to the connivance of local leaders, he keeps troubling them every day.


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