Aligarh: Now getting the map of house and shop passed is expensive, the development authority imposed an additional fee of 10 percent


Aligarh : Now it will be expensive to pass the map of house and shop in Aligarh, UP. In the new financial year 2023-24, the Aligarh Development Authority has increased the external, internal and inspection fees and other rates to be taken at the time of approval of the map. The map fee has been increased by 10%. The revised rates have been implemented after being approved in the board meeting. The maximum increase in internal development charges was Rs 49 per square metre.

Master plan 2031 will be implemented soon

The responsibility of planned development in the city rests with the Development Authority. The authority passes the map accordingly. At present, according to the master plan 2021, the maps are being passed. Soon the Master Plan 2031 will be implemented. The authority charges a fee from the building owners for passing the map. With this amount, development works are done in the city. Map fees increase in the new financial year. Last year there was an increase of 10%. In the financial year 2023-24 also the fee has been increased by the same percentage. However, the final seal has been put on this in the board meeting.

Revised fee has been issued- Vice President Atul Vats

At the same time, Vice President of Aligarh Development Authority Atul Vats told that the revised fee for the map fee has been issued. Only the rates fixed by the government have been implemented. The external development fee, which was earlier Rs 974 per square metre, has now been reduced to Rs 993 per square metre. The internal development fee has been increased from Rs 1103 per square meter to Rs 1152 per square meter. Along with this, the map supervision has been increased from Rs 11 per square meter to Rs 11.50 per square meter.

Report- Alok, Aligarh



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