Ahmedabad: Class-12 general category result may be declared between May 25 and June 5


Gujarat Education Board has declared the result of Class-12 Science stream. Right now the work of general category result is going on in the final stage. Then there are chances that the result will be declared between 25th May to 5th June. After the declaration of class 12 general category result, class 10 result will be declared in counting days. At present, the processing of the result by the education board is going on in the final stage. The students are also eagerly waiting for the result.

Students who messed up in the exam were caught

At the same time, in order to prevent malpractices in class-10th and 12th examinations held in March-2023, arrangements were made to sit in classrooms equipped with CCTV cameras. At that time, the student who was saved in the flying squad of the board because of the malpractice done by the students in the examination, has now been caught in the CCTV camera. On the basis of which the students who misbehaved in class-10 and 12 examinations have been caught.

Board of Education will punish

The flying squad of the officer constituted to check malpractices has so far been able to nab only 60 students. After examining the CCTV cameras installed in the classrooms, the board has identified cases of malpractices. Due to which the result of that student will be kept in reserve. Henceforth, a student caught indulging in misconduct shall be called before the officials of the Board by giving a notice and after obtaining his explanation, on the basis of his reply, punishment shall be imposed as per the rules laid down by the Board of Education in cases of misconduct.

10th and 12th students have been arrested

On the basis of CCTV footage, 759 cases and 29 cases have been done by flying squad, venue operator, room inspector in the 10th examination. In Class 12 Science, 26 cases have been registered on the basis of CCTV footage and nine cases have been registered by the flying squad, venue operator and room invigilator. Based on CCTV footage, 345 cases have been registered in class-12 general stream and 22 cases have been registered by others. In this, only 60 students of class 10th and 12th have been caught by the flying squad, venue operator and room invigilator on the charges of malpractice in the examination. While checking the footage of CCTV cameras, 1130 students of classes 10 and 12 have been caught misbehaving. However, a total of 1190 students caught in misconduct will be given an opportunity to submit their reply by the education board.


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