Governor CP Radhakrishnan said on the foundation day of Sikkim, the people of Sikkim are contributing significantly in the progress of Jharkhand


Ranchi: Governor CP Radhakrishnan while congratulating the residents of Sikkim on the occasion of “Sikkim State Foundation Day Celebrations” organized at Raj Bhavan on Tuesday on the occasion of Sikkim’s Foundation Day, said that people of different castes, religions and sects co-exist harmoniously in our country. Live, whose language, culture, customs etc. are different, yet we all are one and this unity in diversity has been the cornerstone of our strength and progress. He said that this beautiful state full of natural beauty has a rich history. The culture here is alive and the folk art is rich.

Interacting with the people of Sikkim living in Jharkhand, Governor CP Radhakrishnan said that Sikkim has made remarkable progress in various fields of development. This state has been a leader in promoting environmental protection. Along with this, this state has established its own unique identity in the field of tourism. The unique effort made by this state in the field of organic agriculture has established an indelible mark on the whole world. The work done by the state in the direction of organic agriculture is highly commendable, which presents an exemplary example for the rest of the country. He said that many of his classmates in his student life were from Sikkim and he was aware of their feeling since that time that they take pride in their cultural heritage and have immense patriotism in them. He said that it is a matter of happiness that many people of Sikkim are living in Jharkhand and are making significant contribution in various fields here.

Dr. Nitin Kulkarni, Principal Secretary to the Governor, gave the welcome address. On this occasion, Prashanti Sharma, a student studying in BIT Mesra from Sikkim and Rajesh Sharma, working in ZAP-1, expressed gratitude to Governor CP Radhakrishnan for this initiative.


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