East Singhbhum: The life of the farmers of Ghatshila is being improved by mango gardening, trees are planted in 100 acres


Jharkhand News: Mango horticulture started from the year 2020-21 under MNREGA scheme in Ghatshila block under East Singhbhum district. Under this scheme, about 100 farmers in various panchayats of the block have cultivated several varieties of mangoes like Amrapali, Lagda, Dussehri, Fazli on 100 acres of land. For one or two years the trees did not bear mangoes, but this year all the trees are laden with mangoes. Under this scheme, 112 trees have been planted in one acre. Along with mango, guava and lemon plants have also been planted. Under this scheme, the farmer’s land and the government has given an amount of about three and a half lakh per farmer for mango horticulture. This amount has been spent on preparing the land, buying saplings, digging trenches etc. This time the farmers are hopeful of a good income due to the fruits growing in the mango trees.

Bhanumati Mahto became an inspiration for rural women

Bhanumati Mahato, who grew up in a simple family in Gidhibil of Ghatshila block, is earning more than Rs 1.5 lakh annually by planting 550 mango plants in 2018 on her two acres of barren land. By doing this, she has become a source of inspiration for other women as well. He got approval of Rs 4,25,000 under MNREGA scheme. Started the process of planting saplings with this fund. Used own pond for irrigation. Different species of mangoes were planted, including Dussehri, Amrapali, Himsagar, Langda, Fazli, Sita Bhog etc. Fruits started coming after three years. She takes mangoes to sell in the market of Jamshedpur. This year, his mango trees have borne a lot of fruits, due to which the income is expected to increase.

Mazhar Hussain of Galudih planted 188 mango trees

Farmer Mazhar Hussain has cultivated many types of fruits including mangoes on his ryati land on the banks of the Galudih Subarnarekha river. Mango horticulture has been done under MNREGA. 188 mango plants have been planted in it, in which Amrapali, Lagda and Tota falli are there. All the trees have borne fruits. Trees have been grafted, due to which they are laden with fruits. He told that an annual income of about one lakh rupees is generated from the production of mangoes.

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Yogendra Mahto of Gidhibil is earning one lakh annually by selling mangoes

Yogendra Mahato, a farmer of Gidhibil Tola of Barakhurshi, is earning more than one lakh rupees annually by planting 112 mango plants on his two acres of idle land in 2020. He had got approval of Rs 3 lakh 67 thousand under MNREGA scheme. He planted saplings of Dussehri, Amrapali, Himsagar, Langda, Fazli, Sita Bhog etc., which have started bearing fruits in three years. They take mangoes to sell in the market of Jamshedpur. He told that there has been a significant increase in mango fruits this year.

Better varieties of Amrapali, Fazli, Dussehri, Langda, Krishna Bhog in Darisai

Hundreds of mango trees are laden with fruits in the large area of ​​Darisai Regional Agricultural Research Center. There are many better varieties of mango trees like Langda, Fazli, Amrapali, Krishna Bhog, Dussehri etc. Mangoes have started ripening. Dr. N. Salam, co-director of Darisai Research Center, floated a tender for mango horticulture, the rate of which is 1.80 lakh.


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