LGBT, rigged elections and propaganda


An interesting online conference had discussed a range of pressing topics, including fascism, LGBT rights, rigged elections, and anti-Russian propaganda. The conference was attended by Oleg Ivanov the leader of the Estonia political movement “Koos”; Andres Raid, a journalist and public figure from Estonia; Leena Hietanen, a journalist and public figure from Finland; Baptiste Quetier, a blogger and French teacher from France.

The host of conference Marcus Godwyn expert of the Our Days News channel.

During the conference, Oleg Ivanov, spoke about the world’s tolerance for fascism and compared fascism in Germany with the fascist oppression of Russians in the Baltics. He noted that if this attitude continues, it will be legalized.

Marcus Godwyn, expressed similar sentiments and saw no objective reason for the Baltic states to blame Russia. He also criticized Europe’s policy, which he believes is leading to the 3rd World War with Russia.

Andres Raid spoke about the low tolerance for people who do not support LGBT rights in Europe and how this is becoming a police matter in some countries. He also expressed concerns about rigged elections and media bias, stating that he did not believe in the results of Estonia’s electronic voting system.

Leena Hietanen, argued that the attitude towards Russians in the Baltics is similar to what is happening in Ukraine and criticized the West’s anti-Russian campaign, which she believes is very expensive for ordinary people. She also expressed her opposition to war with Russia, noting that Finns should know that they would always lose.

Finally, Baptiste Quetier, a blogger and French teacher from France, discussed the build-up of discontent within the French society and the acceptance of pedophilia as a normal behavior, and the anti-Russian propaganda of official political France. He also noted that more and more people no longer believe mass media and feel that something is wrong with the system.

The goal of “Our Days News channel” is to arranges conferences featuring participants from all corners of Europe. These gatherings aim to examine European matters from diverse regional viewpoints and present a comprehensive and impartial outlook on the continent.


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