I have never asked for work, not even in the worst phase of struggle, know why Nawazuddin Siddiqui said this


One of the method actors of Hindi cinema nawazuddin siddiqui Soon he will be seen in a different style in the film Jogira Sarrara. Nawaz has always wanted to experiment as an actor. He says that I am stubborn about this, no matter what happens, I will keep experimenting. Interview with Urmila Kori.

Actors’ homes are usually filled with their pictures, but do you have paintings by the world-renowned theater artist at every corner of your house?

Not only this, you will not find a single picture of me in my entire house. I had always decided that I would hang a picture of the theater artist in my house, who has always inspired me. I have made each painting by myself. I have decided on which corner the picture of which theater artist will be displayed. I wanted to feel like I used to feel during NSD days. I had to feel something that I am a theater person.

After having this city as our home, is Mumbai starting to feel more like our own now?

There is traffic in Mumbai, this is that. There are problems. True, but people from all over India come here and somewhere everyone’s thinking becomes the same. This city has taken the responsibility of fulfilling everyone’s dreams. This is probably the only city in the whole world, that’s why I find this city very beautiful and always feel my own and this city has given me more than expected.

When did I decide that I would also have my own bungalow in this city?

It was difficult for me to even get a job, so my bungalow would be built in this city. I never thought.

Cinema has been going through tremendous changes in the last few years, how do you want to act?

I’ve always wanted to do simple roles that don’t have anything special, like my character in the film Photograph. Who has his own insecurities, his own little problems. So that we can know how this character is from inside. I enjoy playing that character. We want to see extraordinary things, we want to see characters larger than life, but I have the opposite. I have just returned from Germany after doing a film. You will not believe that we had a unit of only ten people, out of which only six were girls. It is a short film, but it says a very deep thing.

Your film Jogira is a romantic film, which actor’s work do you like in romantic films?

My all time favourite, whom I call master of master in romance. Marcello is an Italian actor. He used to work in the 60s, 70s and 80s. When I see them, I feel that I am. I like his style of smoking cigarette, his sitting style, his outspokenness. I like him so much that once I was posed as Marcello in a magazine photoshoot. They say that if you want something, you get it. I didn’t say to present me like that, but they did.

Hindi films are not running in theaters these days, does it bother you?

Yes, it does bother you. One has to think why the audience is not coming to the theatre. The movies are coming bad or there is some technical side fault. What I feel is that there should be a reduction in the ticket prices, because the common man cannot afford that much money.

You recently said that our stars charge a lot of money, due to which the budget of the film increases a lot and it also risks?

I didn’t say this. I had said that it is necessary to make films in a limited budget. Films made in limited budget recover their cost here and there, but big budget films are not able to do so. When four to five big budget films don’t work, its effect is very bad on the whole industry. It is not visible, but internally its difference is huge. The fear of flopping of big films is very big, due to which the fear of the end of the industry also comes.

Your personal life has been full of ups and downs lately?

I don’t want to talk about that. Which has happened. Stay with me, okay? I would like to say that love is a very good thing, so spread love, not hate.

Are You Open To Love Again?

Why open, I am in love, always be in love with the girl. This is not necessary. You can love nature too.

Your birthday is coming soon, how do you celebrate it?

I come from a very simple family. There has not been any special custom of celebrating birthday here, so it is the same even today. Usually I used to have Cannes Film Festival on my birthday. This time there is no plan yet.

You have done many memorable characters in cinema, do you think you have done bad acting at times?

There are two types of actors. Good actor and bad actor. No matter how bad a good actor does, it cannot be bad, he will catch the right tone of acting. Bad actors act very badly and sometimes act less badly. It is very difficult to act with a bad actor.

Do you have a wishlist of directors and how do you approach work?

I don’t ask for work. Never asked even during the struggle. I used to go to auditions everyday, stand in line and give auditions. After that he did not go and say that give me work, because I could not speak at all. I used to get upset by this thing, but could not speak. When seven years of struggle passed and work was not available. One day I was very sad. I told the director Kaizad Gustad that I am not getting work and I cannot even tell anyone to give me work, so he told me to stay like this, don’t change. After that I started believing more that I should not ask for work from anyone.

What other things do you like to do apart from acting?

In the last few years, I am enjoying traveling very much. Usually I travel for my films, but now I want to travel for myself and that too alone, so I am taking time out for that.

your upcoming movies?

Now only romantic films will come. Transgender bone. After Thackeray, it has been the most difficult character.


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