SC issues notice to Tamil Nadu-West Bengal governments on The Kerala Story ban, seeks response, next hearing on this day


The Supreme Court, while hearing the matter of banning the film ‘The Kerala Story’ in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu today, issued notices to the governments of these two states and sought answers for not releasing the film. The next hearing is to be held on Wednesday. Talking about the hearing that took place today, The Kerala Story’s lawyer Amit Naik said that the Supreme Court clearly said that when the film can run in other states of India, why not in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Is this state different from other states of India?

Tamil Nadu denies ban, West Bengal cites IB report

Taking the conversation further, Amit Naik said that the West Bengal government’s argument is that they have taken this decision because of some IB report, what is that report, we will not be able to comment on it until they reply in the court. Although Tamil Nadu said that we have not banned the film. When they did not ban, then there should be an exhibition of the film in the state and you should also give security to the audience so that they can see the film. We will keep these aspects on Wednesday’s hearing.

It is wrong to ban the film near passing the censor.

The Kerala Story’s lawyer Amit Naik, keeping his stand firm, says that the demand for a similar ban on Prakash Jha’s film Aarakshan had also come from some states. We fought that case and the decision came in our favor. Once the censor board has passed the film, then no one should ban the film. This is the law. A special body has seen the film, so now you cannot ban that film by giving any reason. Every viewer has the right to watch the film or not. It is the responsibility of the state to maintain law and order, in the name of which you cannot negate the hard work of thousands of people. A lot of hard work goes into making a film.

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