Surat: Decision to hold Fosta elections by July 15, election rules announced


On Thursday afternoon, there was a lot of uproar in the Federation of Surat Textile Traders Association (FOSTA) office regarding the elections. JJ The process has been accelerated as soon as pressure is created on the election committee regarding protests, picketing and demonstrations at the main gate of the market. It has been decided by the current Speaker and the Election Committee that the FOSTA elections will be completed by July 15.

Federation of Surat Textile Traders Associations elections were not held for the last ten years. Due to which there was a lot of discontent in the business community. After continuous protests, the preparations for the election process have finally started. For which five officers have also been appointed. He has been entrusted with the responsibility that by July 15 all the election process will be completed. Despite being the largest textile industry in the country, the textile industry has not been working in a strong organizational manner for the past many years.

List of rules related to election of FOSTA

     A total of 41 directors will be elected in the FOSTA elections.  The officers appointed as directors shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary, a co-secretary, a treasurer, a co-treasurer and an organization minister.  The director of FOSTA must be a dealer in dyed cloth.  In FOSTA elections, a person can cast only one vote from any market.  (A person holding office in two or more markets can cast only one vote) The term of directors elected in FOSTA will be two years (from the date of appointment) and after two years the committee of 41 directors will automatically dissolve One candidate per market can fill one nomination form for the election of the representative in the maximum market election and if more than one form is filled, then one form will have to be withdrawn with the internal consent of the market president and if more than one form is filled, one form will be rejected. If not returned, both the forms will automatically be considered cancelled. If Surat FOSTA is on the post of President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, Co-Treasurer and Organization Minister in any other organization for which purpose he is working. Cannot fill the nomination form in the election. There will be market president, ministers, office bearers as voters of FOSTA. Number of voters in FOSTA elections will be two voters in markets up to 250 shops. Markets with 251 to 750 shops Markets with four and more than 751 shops will have six electors.  By date 15/07/2023, all the process of election will be compulsorily completed by the election officer and five members have been appointed as election officers with all consent.  Returning Officer (1) Brijmohan Shyamsunder Agarwal (Chief Electoral Officer) (2) Shambhuji Gourishankar Podar (Returning Officer) (3) Ashok Jain (Returning Officer) (4) Mahendrapal Khurana (Returning Officer) (5) Gurmukh Kungwani (Returning Officer) FOSTA The key of the office will remain with the election officer.


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