Tucker Carlson show moves on Twitter


Former top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson once again stunned his fans — and likely put more fear into his employer — after he posted another video to Twitter this week announcing a new “show” on the platform.

Earlier this month, Carlson took to Twitter in his first public statement after being taken off the air to drop truth bombs about corruption within the cable news industry in general, as well as covert and overt acts of self-imposed censorship and disinformation.

That video, as of this writing, has been viewed an astounding 94-plus million times by more than 24 million people.

A second video posted to the platform this week has already garnered an earth-shaking 125.5 times.

In his first video to his supporters last week, he encouraged them to “keep fighting” and added that they would hear from him soon. Carlson said he realized after stepping “outside the noise for a few days” how “unbelievably stupid most of the debates you see on television are,” arguing that they were “completely irrelevant” and “mean nothing”.

“In five years, we won’t even remember that we had them,” he said. “Trust me as someone who has participated”.

In his second video, Carlson announced he was moving to Twitter to post a show there in the coming weeks.

“There aren’t many platforms left that allow free speech. The last big one remaining in the world is Twitter”, Carlson said in his short monologue – in which he took a shot at Fox, saying, “If you bump up against the limits [in the news business] you will be fired for it”.

“The rule of what you can’t say defines everything,” he said, adding, “You can’t have a free society if people aren’t allowed to say what they think is true… There aren’t many platforms left that allow free speech. The last big one… is Twitter, where we are now”.

“Twitter has long served as the place where our national conversation incubates and develops”, he continued, noting further that other networks are “thinly disguised propaganda outlets”.

“You see it on cable news, you talk about it on Twitter”, said Carlson. “The result may feel like a debate, but actually, the gatekeepers are still in charge. We think that’s a bad system. We know exactly how it works and we’re sick of it”.

Meanwhile, Twitter boss and entrepreneur Elon Musk responded in the wake of a video announcement from Carlson.

“I also want to be clear that we have not signed a deal of any kind whatsoever”, Musk said. “Tucker is subject to the same rules & rewards of all content creators. Rewards mean subscriptions and advertising revenue share (coming soon), which is a function of how many people subscribe and the advertising views associated with the content”.

Megyn Kelly touts Carlson’s next move

Media personality Megyn Kelly praised former top-rated host Tucker Carlson for announcing his next move since being ousted by Fox News.

During a segment on her SiriusXM “The Megyn Kelly Show,” she spoke about Carlson announcing would be bringing his show to Twitter after “parting ways” with Fox News on April 24.

“I’m delighted to see what he’s doing. I’m delighted that he’s going to go out with his own show. Tucker decided to give Fox News a dose of its own medicine. ‘You want to fight? You got one,’ is essentially what he said”, Kelly said.

She also spoke about Carlson’s lawyer, Bryan Freedman, reportedly sending a letter to Fox News that alleged executives at the network, including “Rupert Murdoch himself”, intentionally broke promises made to Carlson “with reckless disregard for the truth”.

Kelly said she would “love to see a fight” between Carlson and Fox News.

“Do not predict Fox News will win”, Kelly said. “And even if they did win, how do they win their viewers back? That’s the real question. Well, the only fight is about whether they’re trying to silence their favorite host. Right? How does that happen? I want to watch it happen. Love to see it happen”.

Kelly predicted Fox News will settle with Carlson quickly, saying, “It doesn’t take this to an arbitrator. They’re not going to take this to a court, but that’s what Tucker is threatening”.


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