Dahaad Review: Vijay Varma’s brilliant performance in this story of crime against women


Web Series – Roar

Director – Reema Kagti and Ruchika Oberoi

Producer – Excel Entertainment and Tiger Baby

Cast – Sonakshi Sinha, Vijay Verma, Gulshan Devaiah, Sohum Shah and others

Platform – Amazon Prime Video

rating – three

The crime-thriller genre has been the favorite genre of OTT. There have been many such stories in which psycho killers have been at the center of the story. Roar is the sequel to this, but here it has been presented differently. This series does not find the psycho killer, because he is in front, but the cat and mouse game between the police and the killer continues. By the way, it is not just a murder mystery, but also throws light on many issues of the society, which makes this series special. Had a little more twist and turn been added to this story with great performances by the cast and work on editing, it could have become not only an entertainer but a memorable series.

The story of serial killing

The story of the series begins at the Mandawa police station in Rajasthan, where some bullies are creating a ruckus outside the police station because a Muslim boy and Thakur’s daughter have fallen in love and run away from home to get married. Are. The family members of the girl are giving it the color of love jihad for their own benefit. Police officer Anjali Bhati (Sonakshi Sinha) finds these two lovers while searching for Thakur’s daughter and a Muslim youth, but the horrifying truth of the disappearance of 29 girls comes to the fore. To which everyone was still unaware. The truth also comes to the fore that a serial killer is roaming around, who kills girls by ensnaring them in the trap of love, but the murder is such that it looks like a suicide. As the episode progresses, Anjali’s needle of suspicion rises to Anand (Vijay Verma), but he has no proof. Will Anjali be able to collect the necessary evidence as to why Anand killed these girls? How does he turn the murders into suicides? Is Anand going to make more girls his victims? Will Anjali be able to save them and bring Anand behind bars. This is the story ahead.

Script pros and cons

The first two episodes of the series have been seen as a buildup to the story. The series comes on the basic story in the third episode and after that the thrill of the series also increases, which keeps you completely hooked till the sixth episode. The grip of the story is loose in the episode. The cat-and-mouse game between the police and the serial killer moves from Rajasthan to Mumbai and then to Goa, but it has not been able to add the required level of thrill to the story. Anand’s past comes to the fore, but it could not match the motivation of his serial killing, which seems a bit strange. Usually in films and series, caste discrimination is kept in a strong way, but the hero or heroine Only upper caste has been shown, but in this case this series is different. Here the heroine belongs to a lower caste and she does not allow anyone to underestimate her. The series brings to the fore the deep penetration of caste discrimination in the society in several scenes and dialogues. The series brings forth a different side of love jihad, which does not match with the current popular The Kerala Story. Along with this, this series vocally puts forward many such issues like dowry, poverty, pressure of marriage on girls, discrimination between girl and boy, way of working of police. The series is the story of a serial killer, but throughout the series There is no bloodshed or violence anywhere. Which separates this series from other projects made on such subjects. Why Sonakshi avoids marriage, commitment, love in this story of about eight hours. This thing has not come anywhere in the story, which is annoying. How Sohum Shah’s character suddenly changes in the series, this thing has also not been effectively revealed in the story. One of the weak aspects of the series is its length. The story of the series film has been stretched. This story could have gone anywhere in five to six episodes.

Superb performance by Vijay Verma and Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha, who started her career with the film Dabangg, has made her digital debut with this series and she is completely composed in this role. He has imbibed everything from the speech of the character to the body language. The work of Gulshan Devaiah and Sohum Shah is also good. They fill a different color in this series with their presence. If the roar of acting resonates the most in this series, then it is of Vijay Verma. After Darlings, he is once again in a negative role, but he has lived the character in a completely different way. He has brought on screen the transformation of his character from a simple professor to a vicious serial killer at times. Rest of the characters have also done justice to their respective roles.

These aspects are also special

Talking about other aspects of the series, the entire shooting of this series has been done in Rajasthan, due to which this series seems close to reality. Rajasthan has been included in the story very beautifully in the camera. The dialogues of the series are in line with the story. The music of the series has also become good.

see or not see

This crime-thriller series is successful in entertaining due to the excellent performance of the actors and its treatment, so it can be seen once.


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