Nitish government’s masterstroke ready to conduct caste census in Bihar, the minister told what is the internal preparation


Caste calculation in Bihar on one side where politics is hot. At the same time, the state government has already received a big blow from the High Court. The Bihar government is knocking on the door of the Supreme Court to complete the counting work. In the midst of all this, a big statement has come from Minister Vijay Chowdhary. The minister said that the government is committed to conduct the caste enumeration. It is expected that we will get permission from the Supreme Court for this. All legal aspects will be considered. If needed, a law will also be made.

will always count

Vijiya Chaudhary said that there is nothing like violation of privacy of anyone in caste calculation. He said that the state government will get the counting done in any case. He said that it is a matter of great surprise that a big scheme of public interest has been banned by the court. After the decision of the cabinet, the counting work was started in the state. It was going to be of great benefit to the public. We are considering all aspects. The government can also complete the work of caste enumeration by taking a new law.

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Steps taken for the betterment of Bihar

Speaking on caste enumeration, Vijay Chowdhary said that the government has gone to the Supreme Court against the decision of the High Court. We have full faith in the Supreme Court. This is a step taken for the people of Bihar. After the decision of the Supreme Court, we will study it and then further preparations will be made. Let us tell you that the Patna High Court has put a stay on the calculation and has given the next date of hearing on July 3. Meanwhile, the Bihar government has set a target to complete the counting work by May 15. At the same time, in many parts of the state, the work of counting has also been done to some extent.


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