Heavy rains in Congo, floods in many places, 200 people died


Kinshasa, 07 May (HS). Heavy rains caused flash floods in the South Kivu province of eastern DRC Congo. The natural calamity has thrown life out of gear. So far more than 200 people have been reported dead.

Rivers are in spate in the Kalehe region of South Kivu province following Thursday’s rain. Due to this Bushushu and Nyamukubi villages have been submerged. Theo Ngwabidze Kasi, the governor of South Kivu, put the death toll at 176. Also said that a large number of people are also missing.

Local civil society member Kasol Martin claimed that 227 bodies have been recovered so far from the flood-affected area in Congo. Martin said that the situation is very bad. Schools and hospitals have been washed away. Floods and landslides are not an uncommon occurrence in South Kivu province, adjacent to Rwanda. Heavy rains caused floods and landslides in Rwanda this week. It killed 130 people and destroyed more than 5,000 houses.


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