American Airlines flew woman to Jamaica instead of Jacksonville


Florida, May 07 (Hindustan Times). American Frontier Airlines mistakenly flew a New Jersey woman without a passport to Jamaica instead of Jacksonville. This incident happened with the woman while changing the gate. Frontier Airlines has expressed grief over the entire matter.

According to the New York Post, Beverly Ellis-Hebard, a resident of Gloucester County, flies from Philadelphia to her second home in Jacksonville once every six weeks. He said that I chose Frontier flights because we often fly through it. She said she reached the gate for the flight on November 6, which read PHL to JX. Hebard stated that he requested the agent to go to the restroom. When she returned, the plane was full.

A spokesperson for Frontier Airlines said: “The woman boarded the wrong flight, but we sincerely regret this whole incident. According to the spokesperson, we have given the refund and compensation to the woman.


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