Surat: Surat tops Gujarat in sales of electric vehicles, Surat RTO issues highest subsidy


To preserve the environment, the state government has announced a subsidy to encourage people to use electric vehicles more. Then Surat RTO has issued a subsidy of 61 crores in the last one year. Which is the highest in Gujarat’s RTO. So far more than 31 thousand e-vehicles have been purchased in Surat.

People turned to electric vehicles

People buying electric vehicles in Surat RTO in a year Rs. 61 crore subsidy has been released. Surat RTO is the first RTO in Gujarat to release such a huge subsidy. Due to environmental protection and subsidy, people are turning to electric vehicles.

Subsidy up to Rs 1.50 lakh is given on four wheelers

Surat’s RTO Akash Patel said that the government is giving subsidy on electric vehicles as an incentive. 13,700 electric vehicles from March 1, 2022 to April 31, 2023 at Rs. 61 crore subsidy has been allocated. This amount is deposited in the account of the applicant. A maximum subsidy of Rs 20,000 is given on the purchase of electric two-wheelers, Rs 50,000 on three-wheelers and Rs 1.50 lakh on four-wheelers. Reduction in pollution and carbon dioxide levels has been reported due to electric vehicles.

Surat tops in Gujarat in sale of e-vehicles

So far 31,742 electric vehicles have been sold in Surat, which is the highest seller of electric vehicles in Gujarat. Surat ranks first in the state after Ahmedabad and Rajkot. Surat has sold 31742 electric vehicles so far, which includes 26984 bike-scooters, 3079 mopeds, 379 three-wheelers, 187 buses, 982 cars, 103 three-wheelers. In this way Surat is number one in the entire state with the sale of 31742 vehicles.

On an average, vehicles worth more than Rs 25 crore are being sold every day.

Surat RTO has registered a record of 1.44 lakh bikes and 30 thousand cars in a year. There is news of sale of 1.44 lakh bikes and 30 thousand cars in the year 2022-23. According to RTO data, 394 bikes and 83 cars are sold in Surat every day. If we estimate the estimated price of vehicles including bikes, cars, tractors, trucks, ambulances sold in Surat, then on an average vehicles worth more than Rs 25 crore are being sold every day. A total of 1.85 lakh vehicles were sold in Surat in the last one year.


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