Ahmedabad: A young man died after being hit by a rickshaw while crossing the road, two daughters lost their father’s shadow


Accidents are increasing in Ahmedabad. Cases of pedestrians being hit while crossing the road are also coming to the fore. An elderly person who had come from Delhi was crossing the road in Ahmedabad last day and was hit by a tempo driver, he died during treatment. While crossing the road in front of Naroda fruit market on Thursday, a rickshaw puller hit the youth and the youth died during treatment.

The seriously injured youth was admitted to the civil hospital

The incident of death of two people after being hit by a vehicle in two days in Ahmedabad has come to light. An elderly man from Delhi was hit by a tempo driver in Narol area on Wednesday and died during treatment at a civil hospital. On Thursday, a speeding rickshaw coming from Naroda Fire Station side hit the youth while crossing the road in the opposite direction of Naroda fruit market. The seriously injured youth was referred to Asarwa Civil Hospital through 108. Where he died during treatment.

had a head injury

Vimlaben, the wife of the deceased youth Dhanraj Yadav, lodged a complaint with the traffic station and said that he had gone from home to work at Vastrapur bungalow and both his daughters were alone at home. Meanwhile, his neighbor said that the police had come to our chali to investigate and said that Dhanraj had met with an accident in Naroda, he has been admitted to Asarwa Civil Hospital. After this she reached home and from there went to Civil Hospital. Due to serious head injury in the accident, the husband died during treatment. A complaint was made in the traffic police station. The deceased Dhanraj has two daughters.


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