Vadodara: Strike of temporary employees in MSU, threat of action reduced the number


Despite the registrar of MS University declaring the strike of temporary employees illegal and threatening action, the temporary employees staged a sit-in at the university headquarters on Thursday and called for a rally. However, due to the registrar’s threat of action, the number of employees participating in the dharna was less than expected. The temporary workers’ union claimed that around 800 workers would join the strike, but instead around 100 workers joined the strike. Professor Nikul Patel of Technical Faculty, a leader of Teachers Union BUTA, was sitting on a dharna in support of these employees.

However, the university administration did not allow the employees to stage a sit-in in front of the main gate of the headquarters. The activists had planned to sit in front of the gate but the vigilance forced them to leave. Vigilance also removed the carpet spread there. The employees were then forced to sit on a dharna near the NCC office, which is a little far from the headquarters.

On the other hand, the registrar of the university Dr. Chudasama said that the university is a government institution and the university does not have the right to make temporary employees permanent. The employees know this too well. Looking at the future of these employees, we have not yet implemented the rule of recruitment of employees through outsourcing even after the order of the government. Last year, when the employees protested, the university gave them a salary hike, but the temporary workers are on strike. Due to this, if there is any hindrance in the administration or academic performance of the university, it will be the responsibility of these employees and action will be taken against them as per rules.


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