Surat: Temple and mosque were demolished by Municipal Corporation in Limbayat zone


In the Limbayat zone of Surat Municipal Corporation, the issue of demolition of a small roadside temple and a mosque under construction has become hot and a controversy has arisen. The demolition of a roadside temple in Limbayat’s Sanjay Nagar extension caused a lot of uproar. Yesterday’s incomplete demolition has been completed today by police deployment. There is a lot of anger among the people of this area due to the demolition of the old temple. On the other hand, Limbayat Zone has seized the material along with demolishing the foundation of the mosque being built illegally.

There was Hanumanji’s temple for years on TP Road in Limbayat Zone of Surat Municipal Corporation. Since this temple is adjacent to the road, due to the inconvenience caused to the traffic, the work of vandalism was done by the zone yesterday. The demolition of a years-old small temple of Hanuman ji sparked outrage among the local people and the demolition had to be stopped yesterday evening. However, this morning the temple was again demolished by the zone in the presence of the police. There is a lot of anger among the people due to the demolition of the temple, but due to the presence of the police, people could not protest much.

On the other hand, Limbayat Zone has stopped the construction of Sabri Masjid in Om Nagar of this area and the foundation made for the construction of the mosque was broken and the material was also seized.


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