Fast transfers from abroad directly to the maib card bring you rewards


Between April 11 and September 30, 2023, maybe and Mastercard is running the “Receive money from abroad and win prizes” promotion. Each international transfer can become lucky, being raised to branches maybecharged directly to the card maybe through the mobile application maibank or through the platform

Within the 13 raffles, 12 smartphones, 6 MacBooks and a 3000 euro voucher for a dream holiday in any corner of the world will be awarded.

Conditions of participation:

Minimum transfer amount: 4000 MDL or 200 USD/EUR; Fast transfer systems: Ria Money Transfer, Western Union, Zolotaya Korona, MoneyGram, Inteliexpress, Unistream or Smith&Smith; It is important to have a card maybe or receive the Mastercard card on the spot in the branch – maybe daily.

Methods of receiving transfers:

directly to the card through the mobile application maibank;directly on the card maybe through the platform or at the nearest branch maybe.

Depending on the prize you want, you have 2 options:

you receive the money at the counter and you are entered in the raffle for a high-performance phone; you receive the money directly on the card and you are entered in the raffle with all the announced prizes.

More details about the promotion in regulation extract.

You are not yet a user of the application maibank? Open a Mastercard – maybe dailydownload and install the app for free from Play Store, Apple Store or Huawei AppGallery and anytime you have access to your money.


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