A school bus, stuck in the snow. Interventions of rescuers


A team of rescuers intervened on the scene, and within 20 minutes managed to unlock the vehicle and tow it to a clean part of the route. According to the IGSU, the bus passengers were not hurt.

Also here, the employees of the Inspectorate towed 4 other cars on the same route in which there were 8 people. Also, the help of the fire brigades was needed in the village of Borosenii Noi, where the rescuers pulled a route minibus from the snow without passengers. According to IGSU data, in the last 24 hours IGSU rescuers and firefighters intervened in 41 risk situations.

At the same time, during the night, border policemen from SPF Ungheni, SPF Sculeni, SPF Larga, SPF Valea Mare helped several people whose cars were stuck in the mud or who skidded off the tracks.

In this context, Drivers are urged to inform themselves, in time, about the weather conditions both in the country and in the destination state, not to start the road, if there are weather warnings about unfavorable conditions in certain regions, to equip themselves accordingly the means of transport and to take into account the instructions of the specialized authorities, and in cases of emergency to contact the emergency service 112 to intervene promptly.


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